Conclusion for child abuse research paper

The shortage of service resources and the emphasis on reactive, short-term treatment have directed comparatively little attention to interventions for people who have experienced or perpetrated violent behavior but who have not yet been reported or identified as offenders or victims.

In addressing aspects of each new revelation of abuse or each promising new intervention, research efforts often have become diffuse, fragmented, specific, and narrow.

Research on child maltreatment can play a key role in informing major social policy decisions concerning the services that should be made available to children, especially children in families or neighborhoods that experience significant stress and violence.

Child Abuse Essay

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For elder abuse, studies suggest that a high level of public and professional awareness and the availability of comprehensive services to identify, treat, and prevent violence is preferable to reporting requirements in improving rates of case detection.

The National Academies Press. These six interventions were selected for particular attention because 1 they are the focus of current policy attention, service evaluation, and program design; 2 a sufficient length of time has elapsed since the introduction of the intervention to allow for appropriate experience with key program components and measurement of outcomes; 3 the intervention has been widely adopted or is under consideration by a large number of communities to warrant its careful analysis; and 4 the intervention has been described and characterized in the research literature through program summaries or case studies.

Invest in Kids Working Paper No. Documentation of abuse histories that are voluntarily disclosed by victims or offenders to health care professionals and social service providers must be distinguished from screening efforts designed to trigger such disclosures.

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Research on the effectiveness of treatment programs suggests that the majority of subjects who complete court-ordered treatment programs do learn basic cognitive and behavioral principles taught in their course. Limited information is available to distinguish key features of innovative interventions from those usually offered in a community; to describe the stages of implementation of specific family violence programs, interventions, or strategies; to explain rates of attrition in Conclusion for child abuse research paper client base; or to capture case characteristics that influence the ways in which clients are selected for specific treatment programs.

The research is inconclusive, however, as to which types of individuals should be referred for treatment rather than more punitive sanctions. Center for the Study of Social Policy.

Use the national crime victims research and neglect. Yet research suggests that short-term programs designed to alter violent behavior are often the least likely to succeed, because of the difficulties of changing behavior that has persisted for a period of years and has become part of an established pattern in relationships.

Individuals have the ability to accept personal responsibility for reducing acts of child abuse and neglect by providing support to each other and offering protection to all children within their family and their community.

Lack of a form of a researcher at the testimony of a. Child abuse essay should not ignore the physical and behavioral effects of child abuse. An approach to preventing child abuse. National Institute of Justice Research in Brief. The committee then identifies a set of four topics for basic research that reflect current insights into the nature of family violence and trends in family violence interventions.

American Journal of Prevention Medicine, 33 4SAlso I think a big think is to revamp the juvenile justice system too. Oct 05,  · please. this is for my research paper and to be pass tomorrow Can somebody help me to have a conclusion about child abuse?

please. this is for my research paper and to be pass tomorrow. Follow. 4 answers 4. I mean child abuse is a REALLY broad Resolved. Child Abuse Essay Examples. total results. The Types of Domestic Violence in Families: Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Emotional Abuse and Physical Abuse.

words. 2 pages. Defining Child Abuse in the American Society. words. 2 pages. An Overview of the Statistics of Child Abuse in the United States. words. The problems of child maltreatment, domestic violence, and elder abuse have generated hundreds of separate interventions in social service, health, and law enforcement settings.

This array of interventions has been driven by the urgency of the different types of family violence, client needs, and.

Abuse and Neglect: Conclusion and References. Conclusion. Preventing child abuse is not simply a matter of parents doing a better job, Home visitation in Outcomes for children and parents.

Invest in Kids Working Paper No. 7. Committee for Economic Development: Invest in Kids Working Group. Childhood sexual abuse is associated with a broad array of adverse consequences for survivors throughout their lifetime.

As a result of more rigorous research studies in this field our understanding of the impacts of childhood sexual abuse is becoming more nuanced and a robust body of research evidence now clearly demonstrates the link. Future research in this area needs to continue to tease out gender differences in victims' experiences of childhood sexual abuse, the impact of mediating variables on survivors' future functioning and their adjustment in all spheres of their life.

This understanding will assist in the identification, treatment and prevention of child sexual abuse.

Conclusion for child abuse research paper
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